Monthly Archives: May 2010

Matthew Barney Wearing Sunglasses


Lady Gaga

Cut picture from Rolling Stone, Issue 1103, April 29, 2010.



Collage with black and white print of Thomas Hart Benton’s “Persephone”, 1939.

Erased Rauschenberg Erased de Kooning

Photoshop-erased “Erased de Kooning Drawing” 1953, ┬áby Robert Rauschenberg.

Factum III

Photoshopped collage of Robert Rauschenberg’s “Factum I” and “Factum II“, 1957.

Photoshopped Turrell’s

Scanned, photoshopped, images of James Turrell’s “The Light Inside”, 1999, a site-specific permanent installation at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX.